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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We source the finest materials and work with trusted suppliers and subcontractors who share our commitment to excellence. Our skilled craftsmen employ modern techniques and industry best practices to deliver outstanding results that stand the test of time. From the foundation to the finishing touches, every aspect of our work is executed with precision and meticulous attention to detail.

Commercial Construction

Caltec Construction excels in providing top-tier commercial construction services tailored to the unique needs of businesses in a diverse range of industries. As a premier construction company, we have amassed extensive experience and expertise in commercial construction projects, earning a reputation for delivering excellence in every aspect of our work.

With a deep understanding of the complexities involved in commercial construction, we offer comprehensive services that encompass design, planning, project management, and construction execution. Our team of skilled architects, engineers, project managers, and craftsmen collaborates closely with clients to ensure that their commercial spaces reflect their vision, functionality requirements, and brand identity.

Residential Construction

At Caltec Construction, we recognize that your home is a significant investment, both financially and emotionally. We take pride in delivering homes that not only meet but surpass the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. With our commitment to using premium materials, adhering to industry regulations, and employing skilled tradespeople, we ensure that your home stands the test of time.

Throughout the construction journey, we prioritize open communication, transparency, and collaboration. Our team works closely with clients, keeping them informed and involved at every stage of the project. We understand the importance of your input and strive to incorporate your ideas and preferences into the design and construction process.


Caltec Construction's architect team provides a comprehensive range of services to our customers, ensuring that their visions and aspirations are translated into remarkable architectural designs. With a deep understanding of our clients' needs, our architects collaborate closely with them to create functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces that meet their unique requirements. From conceptualization to construction, our architects provide expert guidance, producing detailed architectural drawings, and specifications. They also navigate the complexities of building codes, regulations, and permits, ensuring compliance and obtaining the necessary approvals. With their expertise, our architects bring innovative design solutions, sustainable practices, and meticulous attention to detail, ultimately delivering exceptional outcomes that exceed our customers' expectations.

Quantity Surveyor services

Caltec Construction quantity surveyor services provide clients with accurate cost estimation, effective cost control, procurement guidance, value engineering, financial reporting, risk mitigation, and contract administration support. By leveraging their expertise, clients can make informed decisions, optimize costs, mitigate risks, and achieve successful outcomes in their construction projects.

Project Management

Caltec Construction takes great pride in providing comprehensive site management services, ensuring that construction projects are executed efficiently, safely, and according to plan. Our experienced project management team oversees all aspects of the construction site, from logistics and scheduling to quality control and safety protocols. They work closely with subcontractors, suppliers, and project stakeholders to maintain a productive and organized work environment. With a keen eye for detail, our project manager monitors progress, address any issues that arise, and ensures that the project stays on track. Safety is a top priority, and our project management team implements rigorous safety measures, conducts regular inspections, and promotes a safety culture on-site. With our project management services, clients can trust that their construction projects are managed with the utmost professionalism, efficiency, and adherence to industry standards.

Safety Wear

Health and Safety Management

Caltec Construction prioritizes the utmost importance of health and safety management in all aspects of our operations. With a strong commitment to the well-being of our employees, subcontractors, and the public, we have implemented comprehensive health and safety protocols to ensure a safe working environment. Our dedicated health and safety management team oversees the implementation and enforcement of these protocols, conducting regular inspections, risk assessments, and safety training programs. We adhere to industry best practices and comply with all relevant regulations and standards. By fostering a culture of safety, promoting awareness, and providing the necessary resources, Caltec Construction strives to create a work environment where everyone can perform their duties with confidence and peace of mind. We are resolute in our commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of health and safety in every project we undertake.

Structural and Civil Engineering

Caltec Construction is fortified by the expertise of our skilled structural and civil engineer, who brings invaluable knowledge to our construction projects. With a deep understanding of structural and civil engineering principles, our engineer works closely with clients to deliver robust and efficient designs. They conduct thorough site assessments, develop comprehensive engineering plans, and integrate innovative solutions to ensure projects are built to withstand environmental demands. The engineer's attention to detail ensures safety, durability, and structural integrity, making them a vital asset to the successful execution of construction projects.

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